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Koi and Goldfish

A water garden just does not feel or look complete without fish swimming in the water. Graceful and colorful fish swimming around can be a treat and you can spend many hours watching them. Fish are an important addition to a pond and there are different types that you can put in your garden pond. The two most commonly kept types in garden ponds are Goldfish and Koi. Both are members of the Carp family and can be mixed in your pool.


Japanese Koi

Japanese Koi are considered to be the the finest Koi produced in the world. Koi are beautiful 'ornamental' versions of the common carp species. They originated in China and then spread to Japan and have been cultivated mainly there ever since. Over time, a classification system developed according to their color variations and qualities, and now, there is an accepted categorization by which koi varieties are known. Depending on the quality of their colors, rarity, patterning and sheen, the price of koi vary from a few dollars, to thousands of dollars each.


Domestic Koi

"Born in the USA" - Originally from Japan, Domestic Koi are bred in fish farms in the USA and sport a variety of colors, patterns and scale types. Genetically, there really is no difference between the Japanese and Domestic Koi. However, it is thought that domestic koi are better acclimated to the viral, bacterial and parasitic environment found in the U.S. Domestic Koi are praised for their hardiness and variety of colors and patterns. For this reason, Koi are often regarded as the "kings" of pond fish.


Japanese Koi - Pond Pro SHop - Pond Rocks and Stone Japanese Koi Fish- Pond Pro SHop - Pond Rocks and Stone Japan Koi - Pond Pro SHop - Pond Rocks and Stone


Standard Koi

Standard Koi have been kept and bred by the people in Japan for a long time, where very talented fish breeders, starting from the Common Carp, developed several beautiful color patterns. Thanks to the ingenuity and dedication of Japanese master koi breeders, the world is now blessed with a diverse collection of koi breeds and varieties. Present-day koi are so brilliantly colored that it's difficult to imagine all of them coming from the dull-colored fish grown for food in the mountains of Niigata, Japan centuries ago.


Butterfly Koi

Butterfly Koi boast long, flowing fins that add grace and peace to even the largest backyard oasis. They are appropriately named for their long, flowing fins often resembling butterfly wings. It is these longer, distinct fins that differentiate the Butterfly Koi from standard Koi. The Butterfly Koi is available in a variety of colors and patterns, but is most commonly available in white, yellow, orange, or a combination of these colors.


Butterfly Koi - Pond Pro SHop - Pond Rocks and Stone Butterfly Koi Fish- Pond Pro SHop - Pond Rocks and Stone Butterfly Koi - Pond Pro SHop - Pond Rocks and Stone


Shubunkin Goldfish

Shubunkin goldfish are a type of fancy goldfish that first originated in Japan. The Shubunkin is also sometimes called the "Poor Man's Koi" due to their appearance being slightly similar to that of the Koi fish. The Shubunkin goldfish only has a single tail, which is in contrast to other species of goldfish that have double, triple or even quadruple tails.


Fantail Goldfish

Fantail goldfish were first bred to be "show quality" goldfish. Fantail goldfish have a characteristically round, egg-shaped body that is typical among other closely related breeds. They are referred to as being a type of "fancy" goldfish, as opposed to the more common types of goldfish. The main feature of the fantail goldfish that is prized among enthusiasts of this breed is their long, flowing split tail fin.


Shubunkin Goldfish - Pond Pro SHop - Pond Rocks and Stone Comet Goldfish - Pond Pro SHop - Pond Rocks and Stone Fantail Goldfish - Pond Pro SHop - Pond Rocks and Stone


Sarassa Goldfish

Sarasa Goldfish are just as hardy as standard comets, but with a well-defined deep red and white pattern. Most have long fins, and vary from almost all white to almost all red - and an endless variety of patterns in between. Maximum length is again about 12" plus finnage, and like the standard comets, sarasas are not much of a threat to plants.


Calico Goldfish

Calico Goldfish are fish of any breed that shows a mixture of transparent and metallic scales that produces a pearly like appearance. Calico coloration can occur in goldfish varieties such as the orandas, ryukins, fantails, telescope eyes, and others. The shubunkin goldfish sometimes are referred to as the calico goldfish.


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