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Pond Equipment

If you would like to see the products we carry, go to www.pondliner.com, that’s the internet site for all our aquatics products. You can have them shipped directly to you or come in the store and pick them up.
Same great products, same great price, same great service.

OASE Biotec Pond Filter
Pond Filtration
Pond Filters keep your water garden clean and healthy. Shop our large selection of Pond Filters, Pond Skimmers and Accessories.

Pond and Waterfall Pumps
Pond & Waterfall Pumps
Circulate water through your pond filter while making a beautiful waterfall or a splashing fountain. We stock pumps for every application- from the largest waterfall to a simple statuary fountain.

Pond Liner and Underlay
Pond Liners & Underlay
A quality pond liner is the foundation of a water garden. We feature Carlisle AquaTough 45 mil EPDM pond liner- a great choice for any water feature.

Water Treatments
Water Treatments
Shop a complete line of algae control, beneficial bacteria, water conditioners, barley, flocculants, and more.

Fish Food
Fish Care
Maintain healthy growing koi and goldfish. Shop a complete line of fish food and treatments..

Pond Lights
Pond Lighting
Extend the enjoyment of your water feature into the evening. Visit our pond lighting display room for illumination ideas for your water feature.


Welcome to Pond Pro Shop, your complete one-stop shop for all of your pond and water gardening needs. A pond can be a stunning feature in your backyard if your pond water is balanced and you have the proper pond equipment to do this. We pride ourselves on offering our customers the best selection, prices and customer service on all of our water feature products.


We are constantly updating our inventory. We carry a full-line of pond supplies including water treatments, pond pumps, pond kits and waterfall kits, pondless waterfalls, pond filters, pond liners, pond lighting, biological filters, UV Sterilizers and many more exciting water gardening items! There are also many optional pieces of pond equipment for decorative purposes like foggers, statuary pieces, fountains, spitters and of course many different varieties of aquatic plants and pond fish.




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