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Display Water Features

A water feature such as a pond, waterfall or fountain is a wonderful way to add an element of relaxation and tranquility to your outdoor space. Water features not only serve as a major focal point and are an easy way to liven up any space, outdoor or indoor, but it is a welcome attractant for birds and butterflies. Water features can include fountains, cascades, streams and waterfalls which are well-suited to use in or around ponds. From small fountains to large ponds, there are a wide array and variety of water features to choose from to fit your style, space and preferences.

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Adding a fountain to your pond is well-worth the time, money and effort spent. You'll find every variety of fountains, from garden fountains to tabletop fountains. Whether you are looking for an elaborate fountain to serve as a showpiece or are seeking a more subtle accent, our knowledgeable staff is ready to help you with the process of getting your water feature for your backyard, garden, or landscaping project up in no time.


You do not have to have a pond to have a beautiful water feature. In fact, there are many benefits of pondless water features over those that are found with ponds. A beautiful natural looking waterfall, cascading pondless over natural rock and boulders, meandering down a small stream over natural gravel, making it's final descent over a flat stone that creates a wonderful sheet of water, disappearing pondlessly into a bed of ornamental gravel.

Water features - Pond Pro Shop Water Gardening Store


You may also desire to have small statuary which produce small streams of water and are great for small budgets. These small statues can be elegant, practical or whimsical and can be anything from frogs, fish, turtles, elves, angels or gargoyles. If you have an interesting urn or basin, you have got what it takes to create your own low maintenance, inexpensive garden fountain or pool. Adding lights to the pond fountain is a simple and inexpensive way to bring more focus to your water feature or pond. Colored or white Lights and lighting can add an elegant touch and stunning effects to a pond fountain and are especially impressive looking at night.


Whether you are looking for an organic water garden, a bubbling urn or stone, a pond less waterfall, a retention pond facelift, or a cutting edge rain harvesting system that blends beautifully into your landscape, we can make your dream a reality.



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