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April 2019
Mikes Minutes
There is no advanced registration required and we do not charge for our classes. We will have 12 classes each year, 4 pond builds, 4 pondless waterfall classes and 4 that are general in nature and cover everything from startup to shut down, plants fish and algae, your worst enemy, next to a blue heron.
Water Garden Club Meetings

2nd Tuesday @ 6:30pm
Tulsa Garden Ctr for more info

1st Tuesday @ 7:00pm
(New Location) Grace UMC, 6316 N. Tulsa, OKC for more info

Meetings on hold until further notice for more info

1st Tuesday @ 7:00pm
Red River Tech
580-595-0842 for more info

If you have a water garden club let us know so we can advertise it here for you.

Military (Active or Retired) and Water Garden Club members

receive a 10% discount

(If you remember to tell us up front! Not after you’ve already paid.)

Valid for Pond Pro Shop purchases only

If you haven't been to one of our classes, come on out. I know to many the word ‘class’ is reminiscent of school and nobody wants to go back to school. I try to make them a little different and enjoyable. We start with the hole in the ground in our indoor classroom and go step-by-step until the pond is full of water or the waterfall is running. I’ll explain each step and an-swer questions. We’ll cover some design, some equipment and some reasons for why and what we do. The best part is there are no TESTS! For your attendance at class, we’ll reward you with ten Pond Dollars. Come find out how you can redeem them.

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