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Pond Pumps
The heart of any water feature
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Pond pumps are the heart of any water feature. They not only create the pleasant effect of running water but also aerate the pond and circulate water through the filtration system - keeping it clean. There are four different types of water garden pumps defined by what function they serve.

1. Direct Drive pond pumps offer more power than Mag Drive pumps, but use more electricity. Best used for large waterfalls and streams.

2. Mag Drive pond pumps are more efficient than Direct Drive pumps but are not as powerful. Best used for small to medium waterfalls and streams.

3. Statuary pond pumps are used to power fountains, spitters, and other stand-alone creative applications.

4. External Drive fish pond pumps offer lots of water flow and must be installed outside the water.

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Aquamax Eco Premium

OASE Eco Premium AquaMax Pond Pumps have no equal for powering pond filters and waterfalls. New electronic pump and magnet technology gives the OASE AquaMax Eco Pond Pump the same dependability of its predecessors, but with energy savings up to 50%. The AquaMax OASE Pumps feature an adjustable secondary inlet in order to draw water into the pump from a remote area or for using an in-pond skimmer. Like previous OASE pumps, the Premium OASE AquaMax Pond Pumps are virtually clog-proof and designed for use on the pond bottom to move organic waste to the pond filter for removal from the pond ecosystem.

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Description Max Head Max Flow Watts Tubing Connectors Warranty
Premium 2000 10' 2,000 gph 65 1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2" Adapter 3 year + 2 years upon product registration
Premium 3000 11' 3,000 gph 110 1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2" Adapter 3 year + 2 years upon product registration
Premium 4000 13' 4,000 gph 150 1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2" Adapter 3 year + 2 years upon product registration

Aquascape AquaSurge second-generation asynchronous pond pumps accomplish what most other pumps only aspire to achieve. The combination of energy-efficient performance, flow and ease of maintenance, make this pump the ideal choice for discriminating pond owners. AquaSurge pumps are ideal for use in skimmer and waterfall filter systems as well as Pondless Waterfall vaults.

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Description Max Head Max Flow Watts Outlet Warranty
AquaSurge 2000 12.5' 2,193 gph 160 1 1/2" mpt 3 years
AquaSurge 3000 15' 3,196 gph 165 1 1/2" mpt 3 years
AquaSurge 4000 18.5' 3,947 gph 215 1 1/2" mpt 3 years
AquaSurge 5000 24' 5,284 gph 360 1 1/2" mpt 3 years
Noris Waterfall Pumps

ShinMaywa Norus Submersible Pumps are the most reliable and durable pumps sold in today's water garden market. The pump exterior features a seamless stainless steel casing combined with a superior corrosion resistant Poly Amide Fiber reinforced base and top housing. The air filled continuous duty motor is complimented with a cast aluminum bearing housing which provides better heat dissipation and structural integrity. The Poly Amide Fiber Reinforced vortex impeller provides superior durability over ordinary ABS resin impellers.

Ultra long life span, low operating cost, and proven reliability make ShinMaywa the pump of choice for today's water gardener.

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Description Max Head Max Flow Watts Outlet Warranty
50CR2.15S 19' 3,300 gph 328 2" fpt 2 years
50CR2.25S 27' 4,800 gph 414 2" fpt 2 years
50CR2.4S 37' 5,700 gph 567 2" fpt 2 years
50CR2.75S 48' 7,000 gph 1,088 2" fpt 2 years
TT-Series Pumps

Atlantic TT-Series Pumps are ultra-high efficiency asynchronous pumps that produce more water flow per watt than ever. Designed to fit in small spaces, Atlantic TT-Series Pumps are clog-resistant, hard water tolerant and energy efficient.

• 1/2" inlet and outlet for less restriction and greater flows

• Quarter turn volute provides access to impeller without tools

• Heavy duty pre-filter locks into place. Large openings and large surface area resist clogging

• Three vane hybrid impeller improves water flow and passes solids

Description Max Head Max Flow Watts Outlet Warranty
TT1500 11' 1,640 gph 101 1.5" fpt 3 years
TT2000 12.5' 2,640 gph 115 1.5" fpt 3 years
TT3000 15' 3,000 gph 173 1.5" fpt 3 years
TT4000 15.5' 4,490 gph 230 1.5" fpt 3 years
TT5000 17' 5,150 gph 310 2" fpt 3 years
TT6000 18' 6,600 gph 334 2" fpt 3 years
TT7500 21' 7,650 gph 520 2" fpt / 3" mpt 3 years
TT9000 22' 8,800 gph 587 2" fpt / 3" mpt 3 years